ParentAds makes it easy to showcase your business to our huge audience of school parents, creating a variety of rich media on our content management platform. It's so easy to use!

Choose from one of the following membership levels - take a look at the features we offer, decide which level is right for you, then get started whenever you're ready.

Bronze Account

Set up your logo, website and social media links, plus email and phone contact details. You can list yourself in one category in one town, then introduce yourself in your "About" section and start collecting leads right away. We'll promote your listing to parents in your local area.

Example Bronze page 1
example bronze account screen 2

Parents can send you a message directly, find all your social media link and contact details. Plus your twitter feed can also be displayed in the right hand panel.

Silver Account

With a Silver account, you have the opportunity to expand further on what you do, and tell the story of your business to audiences in up to 3 towns or counties.

Parents can request information about your specific service offerings, browse your photo albums, read reviews (and add their own)

silver account example main page
Silver example photo album
Silver example reviews

Our rich media platform makes it a piece of cake to add new photos and reviews as above, but also blogs, articles demonstrating your expertise, add upcoming events or offers, and even audio or video clips.

With the Silver account you can publish up to 12 of each of these types of content. This means you can add new material each month, and we'll promote it to our audience for you.


You can add your events to our calendar, which shows parents what's going on in their local area. Let them know if you are holding an event, or starting a new class for kids or parents.

If you have a special offer coming up, you can announce it with a time-limited coupon code.

Coupon example

Gold Account

With a Gold account you can add as much content as you like*, and reach parents in as many cities or counties as you need, or even across the whole of the UK.

This is fantastic for businesses that serve families nationally. For one affordable annual fee, you can create and promote multiple campaigns throughout the year.

In the example below, see how blog posts and articles can be added any time. An additional feature for Gold account members is the ability to add Products too.


* Fair use guidelines apply. Account holders that spam the platform by overloading with excessive content will be suspended.

Tell the story of your business...

Help parents to understand what you can offer them - let the story of your business unfold, piece by piece. We all know that marketing is an ongoing process, building a relationship with potential customers, sparking their curiousity and whetting their appetite. That's why this is so much more effective than a one-shot advert or flyer.

As a member of ParentAds, you can nurture this relationship by drip-feeding a range of eye-catching content to draw attention to your business throughout the year. We'll give you the tools to do this easily, without any technical mumbo jumbo, and we also provide a growing audience of 20,000+ school parents.

SPECIAL BONUS: Gold customers that operate nationally will additionally be promoted monthly to our Pinterest following of 250,000 parents and teachers.

We'll help you tell your business story and grow your customer base!

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