How do you promote my listing to parents?

We promote our ParentAds local listings directory with a rotating banner in all emails originating from the PTAsocial app, whether triggered by the PTA committee, parent-to-parent communications, or automated confirmation emails when parents interact with our app.

ParentAds email banner sent via PTAsocial

We also provide a directory search feature from within the app itself, encouraging parents to discover and support their local businesses.

ParentAds menu displayed in PTAsocial app local directory search

If you want your specific listing or banner to be promoted directly to school parents via our emails, take a look at our banner ad campaigns.

We can provide specific exposure to PTA Suppliers in our app, and additionally offer banner advertising in our monthly email newsletter or weekly blog posts sent to PTA committee members.

N.B. ParentAds members get a 20% discount on all banner campaigns!

Do you have school parents in my area?

We have over 1200 schools across the UK, with 20,000+ school parents and more joining all the time. If you know of a local school that is not already using PTAsocial, tell them to sign up for free at

Can people contact me via my listing?

Yes, your listing contains a contact form, so it's easy to drop you a quick note. You'll receive any leads for free and have direct contact details to follow up.

Can I list my own website and social media links?

Yes, even on the Bronze plan you can publish all your existing links to drive traffic to your site, or add our phone number to receive phone calls directly. Just remember to ask people where they found you, so you know they discovered you on ParentAds / PTAsocial.

What is the advantage of a Silver or Gold plan?

As well as an enhanced profile page, you can add rich media content that showcases your business and tells the story of your brand through images, blogs, in-depth articles and product listings. You can also add events into our calendar, and request/approve customer reviews. Silver plans cover up to 3 locations or counties with search priority 2 and monthly content updates, and Gold gives you full national coverage, priority 1 in the search results and unlimited content uploads to make full use of your subscription to access your audience frequently.

Can you help us with updating our content?

Yes, we offer a Content Amplification service if you'd like us to leverage your existing material from your website or social media accounts and post it regularly to ParentAds on your behalf, either weekly or monthly. This means you can amplify the content you are already creating to reach our audience via this new channel dedicated to school parents. Contact us for more details.

Can you help us with creating our content?

Yes, we offer a Content Creation service if you'd like us to create original content for you, like blog posts or infographics, and post it regularly to ParentAds on your behalf, either weekly or monthly. You are free to use this content on other channels too. Contact us for more information so we can help you with your content strategy.

Do you offer customer support?

Of course! You can contact our team with any questions at