Banner Ads Types

You can place advertising banners in various locations to reach your target audience to best effect, including:

  • PTAsocial App email banner ads
    • reach the parents directly, not just the PTA committees
  • Website Homepage
  • PTAsocial Customer Email Newsletters (to PTA committees)
  • PTAsocial Blog (e.g. target a specific topic)
    • blog page banner advert
    • blog subscriber email banner advert
    • (alternatively, consider a Sponsored / Part-Sponsored blog post)
  • ParentAds Directory Banner
    • side banner shown on all search result pages

Remember, if you are not looking to run a specific campaign, another affordable option for all-year-round promotion is to join as a member. PTA Suppliers are specifically promoted to committee members when they use our app, and general advertisers are promoted to all parents.

Scroll down for some example banner screenshots, and get in touch if you'd like to enquire about pricing or just find out more.

Email Banner Ads

Place your banner ad directly into the top section of emails sent from PTAsocial's app to school parents across the UK, raising brand awareness and attracting new leads.

See an example email below:

PTAsocial Website: Homepage Banner Ad

Place a banner on the homepage of the website, so it will be spotted by all visitors. These will be PTA influencers and committee members.

PTAsocial Website: Blog Banner Ad

Place a banner on the header of PTAsocial blog page, so it can be targeted around a specific theme, e.g Summer fair, Christmas Fair, Outdoor Activities, Gifts, Leavers, etc.

This means you can show your advert to blog readers who are specifically interested in a topic relevant to your product or service.

Directory Banner Ad

Place a banner on the ParentAds directory side panel, so it will be spotted by all directory visitors, searching any category.

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